A great star called Wormwood falls to the Earth

And lo! The skies turned from bright blue to dark red and the silence of the fields was broken by the maniacal cries from the swarms of black crows that descended from the sky like locusts. The acres and acres of crops that lined the land, once bountiful and healthy, suddenly began to drop from their stalks, withered and decayed from feeling the warm breath of this unknown evil.

After four years of peace, the tranquility of this land has been broken by these rumblings which indicate that a horrible prophecy that was foreseen centuries ago by prophets and soothsayers is indeed coming to pass. It was foretold that there would be Seven Seals that would be broken one by one, each seal unleashing a force of suffering unto the world.

With the cracking of the seventh—and final—seal, it is written that The One Who Walks Among The Crops would return to roam the world and spread his black magick unto the masses. He will come dressed in black, wearing a cross, and possessing a mark upon his face.

He goes by many names but he is known to the denizens of Earth as …