And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound

boondox cover

And lo, I looked in the sky and saw the seventh seal hovering in the torn sky over the battered Earth. And there appeared seven horned angels who had been sent by the One Who Walks Amongst the Crops to sound the final message of Abaddon upon the people.

The demonic angels raised trumpets to their mouths and as the seventh seal began to crack open, behold, there was a great earthquake. As the trumpets blew across the Earth, the seas boiled over and the skies were filled with screaming as the voice of Abaddon was heard emitting his evil shriek.

And the One Who Walks Amongst the Crops smiled as Abaddon’s cry rang out across the now damned Earth, which had been fully overcome by the evil darkness of the Unholy Scarecrow.

Now the seventh seal has opened. And it is now time for you to hear the full message of Abaddon via the medium of the One Who Walks Amongst the Crops, who is better known to the people as…



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