From out of the smoke, locusts were unleashed….

And I looked as the Fourth Seal was broken and opened in the blood red sky and lo, there was a horrible buzzing sound that spread throughout the land. I looked below and slowly advancing was the Evil One, the One Who Walks Amongst the Crops. Clad in the garb of a false prophet and bearing the mark of Cain upon his brow, the Earth beneath his feet was scorched with every step he took.

And, behold, the One Who Walks Amongst the Crops began to speak for the first time since his accursed return to this broken planet. With every breath he expelled, a large black swarm of locusts emerged from his foul maw and began to spread throughout the land.

Despite the terror of the people they were mesmerized by the words of The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops, though he is more commonly known as …


And now, with the breaking of the Fourth Seal, we are proud to present the first official interview with Boondox about his long-awaited new album “Abaddon.”

It’s been four years since the world has heard from Boondox. In brief, can you tell us what you’ve been up to during that time?

I took some time off to exorcise some personal demons and I needed time to get my mind right. I had issues and those issues needed to be taken care of before I straight up self destructed. I also used that time to spend with family, work on cars, shoot guns. Anything to get my mind to better place. I'm saving the details for when I write my story down for a book or whatever some day. That's a book I can't wait to write and even more can't wait to read. Once I start pouring it all out, it should be very interesting.

Your new album is called “Abaddon.” The term Abaddon comes from the Hebrew language meaning “destruction” or literally “place of destruction.” What inspired you to use this ancient term for your new album title?

Destruction is what led me to all of this. I'm a very self destructive person. To me, Abaddon is that destructive force that drives me. Is it a possession or just a chemical disorder? The fuck if I know. All I know is that's the way I've always been. I just use Abaddon as a term to describe it. I like to think of it more like a possession. Otherwise that'd mean I was crazy, and who wants to be thought of as crazy? I should probably see someone about that, but I'm afraid to change that part of myself honestly.


Your new album contains 15 tracks of scary-as-fuck wicked shit. Have you ever had any real life encounters with the supernatural? Can you tell us about it?

Before I answer about the supernatural, I'd like to clarify my personal thoughts on this record being scary. I think it is a scary record, but in the sense that the mind and heart can be scary places. I touch on that more than anything supernatural or blood, guts, and murder wise in the subject matter and lyrics. This record to me is a journey into the dark side of the mind, heart, and body. Everyday thoughts and situations that everyone has and goes through, then filtered through my own personal experiences. To me personally it's a very deep record and a very dark record. But is it scary? Not in the traditional terms that most people might be expecting.As far as personal paranormal experiences, I don't know that I even believe in the paranormal. I've never seen any ghost. I hear shit and feel creeped out in certain places and situations, but until something manifests itself in front of me then I'll consider myself a skeptic.


Lyrically, how does “Abaddon” differ from the other albums that you have released on Psychopathic Records?

I get a lot more personal lyrically on some songs. There's more hidden meanings and riddles in the lyrics. They are more reality based. I think it's a little more clever on the word play than my previous records. I think it's better over all lyrically than my other records. Once you're not evolving your lyrics, it’s probably time to hang it up.


Talk a little about the featured artists who make appearances on "Abaddon".

I was glad to be able to feature some of my homies on this record. Crucifix is one of the most talented artists I know, and he is featured on a track called "Betrayal". I know him from back home in Georgia. He can rap and sing his ass off for real. Hope to work with him more in the future. Demi Demaree is another multi talented artist I was introduced to through Bukshot. Demi is featured on the track “Movin' On.” He has one of the sickest voices I've ever heard. He is part of the group Villebillies out of Louisville and I’m hoping to work on more projects with him soon. Also featured on “Movin' On” is my homie Jelly Roll. I’ve been a big fan of his for a while and it was very dope for him to jump on the record. It's always really cool when someone you look up to in the business is down to work with you. I also got to work with my brother Big Hoodoo for the first time. He appears on the track “Bloody Regrets.” He's one of the coolest dudes I ever met and super talented. He contributed a lot to this record. The intro for the record was done by my homie Sicktanik. He sets the mood perfectly for the record. He's a very talented artist and all about his business. Syn from Zug Izland is featured on the track “Psycho Symphony” and he kills it. It’s a perfect way to close the record out. And every time Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope make an appearance on one of my tracks. It's just something I can't put into words – two living legends in this business on your record is so huge. J did a track with me called “Kikdoe” that's just insane, and ICP are on the track My Night that's about a party that anyone would want to be at.


Do you have any final words for the Juggalos?

I just want to say “Thank you.” I've said it time and time again and it will always hold true – without y’all I am nothing. To be able to be gone for so long and be able to come back and feel like I never left is a great feeling and it's all due to the Juggalos. No matter what I do or where I do it, when I make music it's for Juggalos. I just hope I did right by y’all on this record and I hope you dig it