And from the blackened skies, I saw the Third Seal crack and shatter, and there emerged rains of hail and fire and brimstone mixed with the blood of the damned souls who had chosen to follow The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops.

As the people ran for cover from the hellish precipitation, the skies were illuminated with lightning, revealing the full marked figure of The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops. He appeared like a prophet, dressed in all black like a man of the cloth, but bearing the mark of a demon upon his face.

All across the land, the people ran in terror as The One Who Walks Amongst The Crops as he approached, but many of them, blinded by the poisonous rain, fell to the ground as their feet were swallowed up by the blood soaked ground. Their skin was burned and their cries were shrill as they slowly were eaten away by the cataclysmic hail.

Those who were fast enough to find shelter from the storm of damnation watched as The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops crossed the broken lands, leaving blood and destruction in his wake. Though they were afraid, they spread word far and wide of what this evil being looked like, warning others of his impending approach. They spoke of his name in hushed whispers…