…Seas and Oceans Become Blood



And behold there was darkness throughout the land as the moon suddenly took on a hue of sackcloth, brought on by the arrival of The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops.

The skies were filled with the maniacal cries of crows, seemingly calling out in pain or terror, yet not one denizen of Earth could see any of the tortured fowl in the air. Only their anguished calls could be heard as The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops took step by step upon the scorched land, leaving tracks of blood in his evil wake.

And the waters of the Earth, cursed by his presence, turned into blood, killing the fish and plant life that once swam beneath the surface. And lo! There was the sound of a great rumbling in the sky and I saw a large round seal in the air suddenly cracking into pieces. As the shards of the seal rained upon the befouled Earth, I saw the outline of The One Who Walks Amongst the Crops as he continued his march upon this fallen land, leaving death and pain behind with each step.

He is the cause of this doom and destruction and while the centuries have bestowed many names upon him, he is known to the masses only as …